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Message from Floyd Larsen
Chief Executive Officer – Cure Cancer Australia

On behalf of the team at Cure Cancer Australia, I want to thank you for supporting Carlo Tonini’s wonderful new initiative – the World’s Biggest Dinner 2016, raising an astonishing $74,000 in its inaugural year.

Since 2013, Carlo has joined the fight against cancer, raising vital funds for cancer research. Carlo has raised a phenomenal amount, with over $100,000 being raised while on his journey to become a member of the Grand Slam Club, as well as championing his new project – World’s Biggest Dinner.

Sadly, one Australian dies every 12 minutes from cancer*. Cure Cancer Australia invests exclusively in Australia’s brightest early-career cancer researchers across ALL cancer types, including rare cancers.

Combining the most passionate people, our brightest minds and working together as one collective team, we hope to make this the last generation to die from cancer.

After achieving his initial $100,000 goal, Carlo has set a new goal of raising $250,000 for cancer research. With your support, every dinner hosted and every dollar raised will bring Carlo closer to his goal – helping to fund the cure for cancer.

Thank you.


Mrs Floyd Larsen.
Chief Executive Officer – Cure Cancer Australia